Love and Luck Season Two Episodes

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It’s Pat’s birthday, and Jason needs help getting ready for it. Will help from Kane be enough to make a cake that’s not a disaster? (transcript)

Things are changing, people are moving, and Kane’s a little anxious about it all. (transcript)

Ricardo grapples with what he’s been through, and how it’s changed him. (transcript)

Magic is a touchy issue after everything that’s happened, and Jason and Kane try to find a way forward that’s gentle on them both. (transcript)

Everyone is changed after everything that’s happened. But that’s okay. It’s normal, and healing will come. (transcript)

It’s party time! Everyone’s celebrating Victor and Michael’s new apartment, and there are many drunk voicemails to be left. (transcript)

CJ asks Ricardo out, but he’s worried about what his PTSD might do to any possible relationship. (transcript)

Mira returns to the Best of Luck after she and Sarah have broken up. She is welcomed back with love, and Kane and Jason reminisce about their own first loves. (transcript)

Kane and Jason make sure to touch base with Sarah so that she knows they still love her too. (transcript)

Ricardo’s been having trouble sleeping, so Kane and Jason do their best to help. (transcript)

Kane and Jason are trying to adjust to someone knowing about their magic powers. Meanwhile, Helen is helping Mira bounce back from her breakup. (transcript)

Kane, Jason and Ricardo try to talk to Helen about magic, but she doesn’t believe she’s doing anything unusual. (transcript)

Jason’s sister’s wedding invitation arrives in the mail!  Meanwhile, Mira and Ricardo make room in their lives to move on. (transcript)

A new customer to the Best of Luck immediately becomes Jason’s best friend. (transcript)

Jason and Kane are off to the country, while Victor and Michael hold down the fort at home. (transcript)

Maggie’s wedding is lovely, but Jason is left feeling hurt by their parents.  Back at home, Michael and Ricardo commiserate on the scars left in them by what they went through. (transcript)

Kane learns that his mother recorded cassette tapes that he never knew about, and Priya sends them on their way. (transcript)

A cassette player has been sourced, and so now all Kane needs to do is start listening.  But what will it be like to hear the voice of his long-passed mother again? (transcript)

Kane is overwhelmed by feeling so connected to his mother again. Julie talks more about her life and relationships. (transcript)

It’s Jason’s birthday, and it’s being celebrated in true Jason style. (transcript)

Something very nice happens for Helen. (transcript)

There’s a lot going on at the Best of Luck. Mira’s moving on, and Victor’s trying to give back as much as he received. (transcript)

Kane is at the centre of a complicated web of crushes and romance. Can he find a solution to help everyone? (transcript)

Maggie has big news and Jason is both happy and freaked out about it! Meanwhile, Mira gets up the courage to ask Storm out. And unfortunately, Julie’s tape this week isn’t as happy as usual. (transcript)

Everyone is forging paths in their relationships, and making sure they’re good ones.  And the strange happenings mentioned in Julie’s tapes just keep getting stranger... (transcript)

Kane always heard people say his mother was a witch, but now it seems it was true.  By why didn’t she ever tell him? (transcript)

Maggie tries to protect Jason from their parents’ cruelty, and Julie muses on her fears of motherhood. (transcript)

Everyone calls to leave support and love for Jason. (transcript)

Helen and Mira reflect on their relationships, and Julie discovers a new power. (transcript)


Maggie makes Kane feel more a part of Jason’s family, and Ricardo is trying to figure out what causes magic. (transcript)

Storm whisks Helen away for a romantic evening. (transcript)

Jason and Storm head out for a night of clubbing. (transcript)

Victor’s mother says she wants to make peace.  But does she, really? (transcript)

Jason comforts Victor after his mother’s rejection, and Julie has some thoughts on forgiveness. (transcript)

Ricardo’s PTSD is causing him trouble, and he’s worried CJ can’t handle it. (transcript)

Jason and Kane get to work towards convincing the real estate agent to let them keep a pet on premises, and Kane discovers the same thing that Julie did. (transcript)

It’s Helen’s birthday and the Best of Luck is ready to celebrate in style! (transcript)

CJ and Ricardo bring home the finest new addition to the Best of Luck Bar! (transcript)

It’s Kane’s birthday, and Jason makes sure to plan a low key celebration. (transcript)

Kane works to conquer his fear of fairy lights, and Helen makes it easier with some magic. (transcript)

It’s Jason and Kane’s anniversary and they celebrate by the beach… where Kane has a strange experience. (transcript)

Something has changed for Ricardo. (transcript)

Storm has written a song for her girlfriends. (transcript)

Ricardo is struggling with CJ not knowing about magic. (transcript)

Jason’s back in Wangaratta for Maggie’s baby shower, which does not go as planned. Unfortunately, Julie’s also had to deal with problematic families. (transcript)

Jason, Maggie, and Julie all grapple in their own ways with what it means to have grown up with family trauma. (transcript)

How do you make the world better? (transcript)

Helen begins to wonder about her experiences, and if perhaps the boys are right about magic being involved. Julie receives some shattering news. (transcript)

Helen freaks out when she realizes what she’s able to do, and Ricardo has a theory about where the magic comes from. (transcript)

Kane, Jason, Ricardo and Helen all want to test their limits with magic. They aren’t really sure how, but they know they want to try. (transcript)

Kane, Jason, Ricardo and Helen join forces at St Kilda Beach. (transcript)

Kane, Jason, Ricardo and Helen chronicle their experiences at the beach, and Julie prepares for Kane’s arrival. (transcript)