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About Love and Luck

Love and Luck is Australia’s first LGBT audio drama podcast.  It’s a sweet queer love story with a touch of magic, told via voicemails.

The story is about people who fall in love, learn they have magic powers, and use those powers to support and protect their community. The good guys win, no one dies, and queer people of all types are all loved and valued.

Made for people who like healthy relationships and happy endings, Love and Luck’s goal is to bring a few minutes of warmth and happiness to listeners once a week.  

Set in Melbourne, Australia in the present day, the world of Love and Luck is populated with many real life queer Melbourne people, events and places alongside its fictional characters.

The Production

Love and Luck has been running since September 2017. Its first season had over 50,000 downloads in more than 12 countries by the finale, and hit 100,000 downloads only a few episodes into season two. Since then, its audience has continued to grow.

Love and Luck was a finalist in the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards, in the Storytelling category.

Love and Luck is an all-queer all-Melbourne production. It is as much a community project as a show, and is recorded at the Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, in Carlton, Melbourne

Cast and Crew

Love and Luck is written by Erin Kyan (, and produced by Passer Vulpes Productions.  

Our recording engineers are Kermie Breydon and Eris Barnes.

Kane is voiced by Lee Davis-Thalbourne.
Jason is voiced by Erin Kyan.

Julie Baxter is voiced by Nicola Rummery
Victor is voiced by DL Turnbull
Helen is voiced by Ashe Connor
Ricardo is voiced by Justin Jones Li
Mira is voiced by Tahlia Celenn
Storm is voiced by Creatrix Tiara
Michael is voiced by Oscar Sabogal
CJ/Cindy is voiced by Jai Moore
Eileen is voiced by Abigail Michell
Maggie is voiced by Shelley Dunlop
News Anchor is voiced by Ben Harberts
Priya Singh is voiced by Gemma Mahadeo

Love and Luck’s credits voice is Roslyn Quin.

Love and Luck’s cover art is by Sophia Parsons Cope.

Love and Luck is recorded at the Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, in Carlton, Melbourne.

The Creator

Love and Luck was conceptualized by, written by, edited by and coproduced by Erin Kyan - who also voices one of the main characters.

A queer, disabled, trans man who lives in St Kilda (where the bulk of the podcast is set), Erin lives with his partner and coproducer Lee, and their two cats, Tribble and Boop.

Erin began writing Love and Luck for stress relief and as a power fantasy.  In a world in which queer people are not generally valued by society, he wanted a story where queer love is cherished, queer people are appreciated and live happily, and homophobic and transphobic people are either rehabilitated or punished. 

Once the first draft was written, Erin decided to produce Love and Luck as a podcast.  He wanted to learn more about podcasting as a medium, and tends to enjoy learning by doing, so jumping straight into a project felt right for him.  He also found that as he discussed the project with friends, many people were desperate for more kind and happy queer media.  The support for the project has been unexpected and very much appreciated.



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Podcast Details



Download / Subscribe:  The show can be listened to directly from the website, as well as subscribed and listened to on most podcast platforms, such as itunes, pocketcasts and spotify.  Episodes are also released on youtube, with captions.

Schedule:  Love and Luck releases episodes weekly, on Tuesdays at 8pm (Australian EST, UTC+10)

Social Media:
Twitter:   @LoveLuckPodcast


Here is our trailer in mp3 format:
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And here is a 30 second promo clip in mp3 format:
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Both audio clips along with their transcriptions are also available for download in the press kit .zip file.


Here is our trailer in video format:

And here is a 30 second promo clip in video format:

Both videos and their SRT caption files are available for download via the press kit .zip file.

What the cast and crew love about being a part of Love and Luck…

What listeners are saying about Love and Luck...

Love and Luck is absolutely delightful to be a part of, because it’s just such a welcoming, considerate, supportive kind of environment, where everyone is just there to make sure things go well, and that everyone has a good time making some wonderful, wonderful art.
— Kermie Breydon, Recording Engineer
I like being in a queer-normative project. So many pieces have the same five sort of characters, and this is just different, there’s something really pure and humane and funny about it.
It exists in a world that is how it should be.
— DL Turnbull, Actor
I spent a lot of time in my teenagerhood going into relationships which were not healthy at all. All I had to base my life around, to base these romances on, was what I saw in art. It is so nice to be involved in media that actually shows nice a healthy relationship can be.
— Lee Davis-Thalbourne, Producer, Actor
Love and Luck is important because it’s important to see people you identify with, or characters you identify with, and go ‘oh, that’s me! I feel validated, I feel connected, I feel like I’m noticed.
— Tahlia Celenn, Actor
What I love about queer independent art is that they’re often very community focussed. It’s a group of people who are all together because they believe in similar values, and we just want to make art that represents ourselves, and shows the truth about ourselves, and we’re all in it together.
— Creatrix Tiara, Actor
I grew up in a time when there wasn’t a lot of queer art, and it felt very isolating. So I want to contribute everything I can to creating the sort of art that I wish I had growing up.
— Roslyn Quin, Credits Voice
A lot of the value for me in Love and Luck is the way it models an ideal sort of world that is achievable in ways that just ordinary, everyday people can make those around them have a better time.
— Kermie Breydon, Recording Engineer
There’s something to be said for an explicitly kind show that won’t end in trauma. There’s something therapeutic in being able to wait for a narrative to unfold without the constant worry that it’s going to turn tragic. There’s something healing in being faced with constant news of your community facing more and more peril, and having something like Love and Luck to remind you that sometimes, things do end well.
— Wil Williams, reviewer at Podcast Problems
I think this is an audio drama that is important to listen to simply because genre fiction and happy queer romances are still so hard to find. Everyone deserves to find someone special, and everyone deserves the chance to imagine a little magic in their life.
— Mythos' 12 Days of Audio Drama 2018
In a market full of serious, grimdark shows, Love and Luck is a sweet, satisfying palate cleanser. It’s easy to get emotionally invested in Jason and Kane’s love story- their romance unfolds in a natural, enjoyable way, and the characters COMMUNICATE about their FEELINGS, which is a genuine pleasure. Highly recommended.
— @JK_Rockin
Love and Luck is a chance to meet up with characters who feel like friends, and to share a small serving of their lives in each episode. It feels like nothing quite so much as a coffee-and-cake date for the soul.

The world is vivid and believable, and the cast inhabit their roles with sincerity and warmth. The epistolary conceit of telling a story through nothing but voicemails could have killed the whole podcast dead in the water, but the listener quickly forgets the unlikely format and finds themselves accepting the characters’ declaration that they like communicating via this method. Consider me in for the long haul.
— Mary Borsellino, Author
Love and Luck is fun and sweethearted. Thoroughly good listening! The world needs more cute queer romances!
— Jacki "Jax Brown, Activist
The sound quality is fucking great, the editing is great, the pacing is great and the storyline and characters are really adorable!!!
— Jessie Ngaio, Artist/Comedian


Our cover art and poster assets were designed by Sophia Parsons Cope.  (

The font used for our logo is Blackout Midnight.