Love and Luck Season One Episodes


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Jason and Kane set up their first date.  This is the prologue to Love and Luck, our queer slice of life love story with a touch of magic, told via voicemails. 

Kane and Jason go on their first few dates and get a feel for each other.  They keep missing each other’s calls, but that turns out to be okay, since they’re both just as bad at taking their phones off silent as each other.

Jason and Kane spend more time together and grow closer.  A slip of the tongue reveals Jason’s feelings, which he doesn’t handle in the best way.  Fortunately, it’s nothing some honest communication can’t fix.

Kane and Jason have started not even picking up each other’s calls, waiting for a voicemail delivery instead.  It’s weird, but they’re enjoying themselves, and that’s the important thing.

Jason struggles with yet another unsuccessful job interview.  It sometimes feels like nothing goes right, but he’s glad to have such a nice boyfriend. 

Kane jokes about magically removing Jason’s hangover, and they’re both surprised when it seems to actually work.  Kane laughs it off, but Jason’s pretty sure it wasn’t just a coincidence.

It’s Jason’s birthday, which Kane has to remind him to actually celebrate.  A couple more ‘coincidences’ has Kane wondering if maybe there’s something to the magic idea after all.

Further experiments with magic puts Kane in a position where he can no longer deny that it’s real.

Jason and Kane kind of hate having to live in separate homes.  They miss each other when they’re apart.  Maybe it’s time to consider moving in together?

Kane and Jason begin planning to move in together, but there’s a lot of tiny details to figure out.  Jason leaves Kane a lot of very drunk but loving voicemails, and their bond grows stronger.

Kane worries about the potential for unethical uses of their newly discovered powers.

Jason magically stumbles across a run down old bar that might be just the place for him and Kane to call home.  The possibility of opening a business together is raised, and although it’s scary, is considered.

Another slip of the tongue has Jason leaving more flustered voicemails for Kane.

Kane dreams about the good they could do with the bar, and pulls off some magic that gets him thinking about his deceased mother.

Jason and Kane have dinner with Jason’s friend Pat, and practise their emotion affecting magic while they’re at it, which brings up an ethical question.

The world is hard, and Kane struggles with what it means to want to do good, or to try and do good.  Jason finds himself unexpectedly relaxed about their upcoming cohabitation.

Kane needs a reminder that being part of a couple means letting your partner look after you sometimes, and Jason struggles with the biggest thing Kane could ever ask of him.

It’s time to move in!  It’s busy week for the boys as it’s Kane’s birthday, moving day, and then their first anniversary.  Jason finds himself deeply attached to the bar downstairs, and is ready to make a commitment to the business.  

Work is in progress for getting the bar ready to open!  It’s a rough balancing act in the lead up though, there’s a lot to do and Kane is still pulling full time hours at his call centre job.

Kane struggles with his anxiety, but Jason is happy to support him.  The boys try to figure out what type of magic users they are.  Wizards?  Mages?  Sorcerers?  Magiqueers?

Jason magics his way into befriending a local radio host, and Kane is concerned about the ethical implications.

Kane is up late due to anxiety, and spends some time reflecting.

The boys go on Cindy’s radio show to drum up interest for the Best of Luck Bar.

It’s the Best of Luck Bar’s opening night!  Tonight’s the night when the hard work pays off!

A young homeless gay man ends up at the Best of Luck Bar looking for somewhere to crash, and Kane and Jason have no hesitation in taking him in.

Victor’s father tracks him to the Best of Luck Bar and unleashes a lot of anger at the bar and its inhabitants.  Jason and Kane do their best to protect Victor and the bar.