Love and Luck Season Two Episodes

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It’s Pat’s birthday, and Jason needs help getting ready for it. Will help from Kane be enough to make a cake that’s not a disaster? (transcript)

Things are changing, people are moving, and Kane’s a little anxious about it all. (transcript)

Ricardo grapples with what he’s been through, and how it’s changed him. (transcript)

Magic is a touchy issue after everything that’s happened, and Jason and Kane try to find a way forward that’s gentle on them both. (transcript)

Everyone is changed after everything that’s happened. But that’s okay. It’s normal, and healing will come. (transcript)

It’s party time! Everyone’s celebrating Victor and Michael’s new apartment, and there are many drunk voicemails to be left. (transcript)

CJ asks Ricardo out, but he’s worried about what his PTSD might do to any possible relationship. (transcript)

Mira returns to the Best of Luck after she and Sarah have broken up. She is welcomed back with love, and Kane and Jason reminisce about their own first loves. (transcript)

Kane and Jason make sure to touch base with Sarah so that she knows they still love her too. (transcript)

Ricardo’s been having trouble sleeping, so Kane and Jason do their best to help. (transcript)

Kane and Jason are trying to adjust to someone knowing about their magic powers. Meanwhile, Helen is helping Mira bounce back from her breakup. (transcript)

Kane, Jason and Ricardo try to talk to Helen about magic, but she doesn’t believe she’s doing anything unusual. (transcript)

Jason’s sister’s wedding invitation arrives in the mail!  Meanwhile, Mira and Ricardo make room in their lives to move on. (transcript)

A new customer to the Best of Luck immediately becomes Jason’s best friend. (transcript)

Jason and Kane are off to the country, while Victor and Michael hold down the fort at home. (transcript)

Maggie’s wedding is lovely, but Jason is left feeling hurt by their parents.  Back at home, Michael and Ricardo commiserate on the scars left in them by what they went through. (transcript)

Kane learns that his mother recorded cassette tapes that he never knew about, and Priya sends them on their way. (transcript)

A cassette player has been sourced, and so now all Kane needs to do is start listening.  But what will it be like to hear the voice of his long-passed mother again? (transcript)