Australian Podcast Awards 2019 Finalist in Fiction

Australian Podcast Awards 2019 Finalist in Fiction

Australian Podcast Awards 2018 Finalist in storytelling

Australian Podcast Awards 2018 Finalist in storytelling

A Podcast About, and Made With, Queer Love.

Australia's First LGBT Audio Drama Podcast!

Love and Luck is a fictional radio play podcast, told via voicemails and set in present day Melbourne, Australia.  A slice of life queer romance story with a touch of magic, it follows the relationship between two men, Jason and Kane, as their love grows both for each other and their community. 

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In a market full of serious, grimdark shows, Love and Luck is a sweet, satisfying palate cleanser. It’s easy to get emotionally invested in Jason and Kane’s love story - their romance unfolds in a natural, enjoyable way, and the characters COMMUNICATE about their FEELINGS, which is a genuine pleasure. Highly recommended.
— @JK_Rockin
There’s something to be said for an explicitly kind show that won’t end in trauma. There’s something therapeutic in being able to wait for a narrative to unfold without the constant worry that it’s going to turn tragic. There’s something healing in being faced with constant news of your community facing more and more peril, and having something like Love and Luck to remind you that sometimes, things do end well.
— Wil Williams, reviewer at Podcast Problems
Love and Luck is a chance to meet up with characters who feel like friends, and to share a small serving of their lives in each episode. It feels like nothing quite so much as a coffee-and-cake date for the soul.

The world is vivid and believable, and the cast inhabit their roles with sincerity and warmth. The epistolary conceit of telling a story through nothing but voicemails could have killed the whole podcast dead in the water, but the listener quickly forgets the unlikely format and finds themselves accepting the characters’ declaration that they like communicating via this method. Consider me in for the long haul.
— Mary Borsellino, Author
The sound quality is fucking great, the editing is great, the pacing is great and the storyline and characters are really adorable!!!
— Jessie Ngaio, Artist/Comedian
Love and Luck is fun and sweethearted. Thoroughly good listening! The world needs more cute queer romances!
— Jacki "Jax" Brown, Activist