We're Coming to Audiocraft!

Producers Erin and Lee will be presenting at the AudiocraftConference, on 2 June 2018!  

They’ll be discussing how they make Love and Luck, and are hoping to inspire a few more Aussies to dip their toes into audio drama!

It’s set to be an amazing conference, with a lot of brilliant leaders in the audio industry from all around the world!

Buy tickets here.

2018 Storytelling Finalists!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we are finalists in Storytelling in the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards.

This means so much to us, not only for the obvious reasons, but because audio drama is a rare thing in Australian podcasting.  There's only a handful of us, and there were even less when we first launched.  So being finalists is proof that there is a place for audio drama in Australian podcasting.

And as well as that - we are a queer show, made by queer people for queer people, and we're a romance show, which is a genre often considered frivolous.  To be finalists, being those things as well, really means so much to us, to have those things about us be valued as highly as we value them ourselves.

The Australian Podcast Award winners will be announced on 5 May, and you better believe we're going to be on that red carpet!

Love and Luck in Afflatus Magazine

 The cover of Afflatus Magazine, Issue 2 featuring a drag queen draped over an ornate chair

The cover of Afflatus Magazine, Issue 2 featuring a drag queen draped over an ornate chair

We have a feature in the latest issue of Afflatus Magazine! Afflatus is a magazine devoted to showcasing Australian creatives, and the latest issue is their sexuality and gender issue! 

We talked to Afflatus's Dezmin Humphreyis about Love and Luck, as well as about our inspirations for the podcast, queer art, positivity in art, and a bunch more.

You can purchase the latest issue of Afflatus through Magcloud, and we recommend that you do, it's an excellent read, and showcases a bunch of queer Australian artists!


It’s been an intense month, but our season two Kickstarter was SUCCESSFUL!

Thanks to all of you, we can now not only fund the production of season two, but we can pay our team for their work.  You’ve made a big difference to our little indie queer production, and we just can’t thank you enough.

We’ll keep you updated on season two’s production as we go, and if you’re one of our backers, you’ll get special behind the scenes stuff as well.

Thank you, so much, for your support.  We are very loved and lucky to have such amazing listeners.  💖



As of today, Love and Luck’s Season 2 Kickstarter has reached $5000! That means we have officially reached our Kickstarter goal!

We are absolutely ecstatic! Thanks to you, not only do we get to make a whole new season of a podcast you all love, but we get to reward all the incredible people who are involved in its production! We’ve been so humbled to see so much support for our warm, gentle podcast!

We want to thank everyone who has pledged, as well as everyone who has helped get the word out about our Kickstarter! If you’re not one of those people, there’s still time! We’d love for you to contribute as part of our Kickstarter and land yourself some great rewards in the process!