Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services - The Initiate Files: Case Four

This episode takes place between episodes 45 and 46 of Love and Luck.

[FX: Beep]

AUTOMATED VOICE: Congratulations. You have won a free tarot reading from [Kalila's voice] "Kalila Stormfire". You will be receiving an email with the necessary contact information. If you are overseas, no phone fee applies. Please call [Kalila's voice] "Kalila" directly for further information. Thank you and again, congratulations.

[FX: Dial Tone]

[FX: Pickup]

KANE: Uh... hi, is this Kalila Stormfire? This is Kane Baxter, I just got a message that I won a free tarot reading from you? Which is kind of weird, because I have an ad blocker on my computer, but... well, it’s not the first time my luck has been a little... exceptional.

Um... this actually came at a really good time. I say that because... I could really use a sign or something, right now. I have this... issue, that I’m struggling with, and... maybe you can help.

Without going into too much detail, I’m starting to wonder if I’m letting my own feelings and anxieties get in the way of doing what’s right. Or... what might be right. [Sigh] It’s hard to explain. Is it okay if I don’t tell you exactly what the problem is? It’s a bit... sensitive. Anyway, um... let me know when it’s most convenient to set up the reading? I know you’re in the U.S., so with the time difference and all we might be better off just exchanging voicemails, or even just over email or something? Thanks.

[FX: Hangup]

[FX: Beep]

KALILA: Hi Kane! Uh, this is Kalila Stormfire, uh wow, I-- I set that contest up...like when I first started doing tarot readings. Years ago. Man, I thought I'd never get a call, let alone all the way from Australia! I’ve always wanted to visit. Sorry, I mean I am very happy to help or at least get the cards to help. So since you have a specific problem, there’s a 4-card spread I like to use. The first card represents the problem, the second card for how you normally handle the situation, third card for what you’re not seeing about the situation, and last card describes what you need to know about this situation. Give me a call back and let me know what works for you and/or if you want another type of spread. Also, it’s totally fine if you don’t want to tell me exactly what’s going on. The cards will know. And I'll do my best to get the answers that are most helpful to you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

[FX: Hangup]

[FX: Beep]

KANE: Hi Kalila! Thank you so much for getting back to me. Yeah, that 4-card spread sounds exactly like it would work for what I’m struggling with. No rush of course, but I would appreciate if you could do the reading soon. Thank you again.

Oh, and, let me know if you’re ever in Melbourne. I’ll shout you a coffee.

[FX: Hangup]

[FX: Beep]

KALILA: Hello Kane, this is Kalila. I am leaving this voicemail with the reading now and I’ll send you the pictures of the spread over email tomorrow if that’s alright with you. I wanted to make sure I could get you your answers as soon as I could. Okay. So your first card, the card about the problem you are dealing with is represented as The Chariot - It means a choice between a retreat or an onward movement; it symbolises the quintessential question of should I stay the path or should I go on a different one? You're probably thinking "how do I move through this problem?"

The second card is about how you normally deal with this type of problem is the Nine of Swords - this card represents a feeling of anxiety or worry about the future, a constant feeling that everything might be lost.

The third card, which is about what you might not be seeing about this situation comes up as The Hanged Man - now, this means a change in perspective is needed to gain wisdom. It also might mean sacrificing something that no longer serves you or literally taking an as-hereto unknown perspective.

The last card, the fourth card, which is what you, Kane, need to know about this conflict comes up as the Nine of Wands - You need to know what your internal strength, purpose, or resiliency is rather than seeing the dichotomy of strength as an outward physical strength. For example, some people get stuck at the "be more aggressive" versus "be pacifist" about a situation, um, and seeing it as a conflict, which in fact it's a false dichotomy. Ask yourself, what is your core strength?

That’s all I have for you. I hope it helps. Take care, Kane. And good luck.

[FX: Hangup]

[FX: Beep]

KANE: Hi. Wow.

That reading was... very on point in a lot of ways. I’ve never really considered myself a very strong person, but... well, you’re giving me a lot to think about.

Thanks, Kalila. I appreciate your insight. This does help, I think. I mean... I hope it does.

Either way, thank you so much. If you ever need referrals, just let me know. I know I’m way out on the other side of the world but I’m happy to return the favor any way I can.

Take care of yourself too, Kalila. As for good luck... I think I’ll be okay on that. So... I’ll make sure to send some your way, too, okay?

[FX: Hangup]

[MUSIC: The Kalila Stormfire theme plays]

CREDITS: Kalila Stormfire was played by Lisette Alvarez, Kane was played by Lee Davis-Thalbourne. I want to thank Lee and Erin Kyan from the Love and Luck Podcast, for collaborating with me on this mini-episode. You can listen to Love and Luck, a story about two, wonderful, magical men, falling in love, at loveandluckpodcast.com, or wherever you get your podcasts. Thank you for listening

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