It’s been an intense month, but our season two Kickstarter was SUCCESSFUL!

Thanks to all of you, we can now not only fund the production of season two, but we can pay our team for their work.  You’ve made a big difference to our little indie queer production, and we just can’t thank you enough.

We’ll keep you updated on season two’s production as we go, and if you’re one of our backers, you’ll get special behind the scenes stuff as well.

Thank you, so much, for your support.  We are very loved and lucky to have such amazing listeners.  💖



As of today, Love and Luck’s Season 2 Kickstarter has reached $5000! That means we have officially reached our Kickstarter goal!

We are absolutely ecstatic! Thanks to you, not only do we get to make a whole new season of a podcast you all love, but we get to reward all the incredible people who are involved in its production! We’ve been so humbled to see so much support for our warm, gentle podcast!

We want to thank everyone who has pledged, as well as everyone who has helped get the word out about our Kickstarter! If you’re not one of those people, there’s still time! We’d love for you to contribute as part of our Kickstarter and land yourself some great rewards in the process!

Season Two Kickstarter NOW LIVE!

Our season 2 Kickstarter is now LIVE!!  You can check it out over at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/652772895/the-love-and-luck-podcast-season-2.

With your help, we can pay our cast and crew for their work in season two, as well as covering our costs and creating some lovely Love and Luck merchandise.  

We’ve got stickers, badges, keyrings, posters, and enamel pins!  We’ve also got some fun digital goodies like wallpapers, a ringtone, and a special thank you voicemail from Jason and Kane!  Want something a bit more special?  Get your name in the credits, name a major character, or be in the show yourself!

So check out our kickstarter here - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/652772895/the-love-and-luck-podcast-season-2 - and help us fill the world with more queer love and art!

One Week Till Our Season Two Kickstarter!

Hello everyone, we just wanted to let you know that we’ll be launching our season two kickstarter one week from today!  That’s right, on the 31st of January 2018, the Love and Luck season two kickstarter will go live.

We really want to be able to pay our actors and our recording engineer for their time and work in season two, as well as cover our expenses.  And to do that, we’ll need your help!  

Backing our kickstarter will mean directly supporting queer artists and queer art, and you’ll be able to pick up some great pledge rewards as well - would you like to name a major character in season two?  Or perhaps even come to the studio and be in the show yourself?  Or maybe you’d just like to pick up some cute Love and Luck merchandise?  All this and more will be available for you.

We’ll announce the kickstarter here and on social media, of course, but if you really want to be the first to know about it, sign up for our mailing list. We’re excited to get to work on season two - we have some pretty exciting things planned to share with you!

Kickstarter Coming Soon!

Hello everyone, we have some exciting news to share with you!  Later this month, we will be launching a Kickstarter to fund season two!

We know that it’s only a few months into season one for you, but over here in production land, we’re already working on season two.  The first draft of the script is already written, and we’re building the foundations for this production cycle.

Season one was entirely made on volunteer time and labour, and expenses were paid for out of our producers’ pockets.  We received no grants or other financial support for season one.

For season two, we would LOVE to be able to pay our production team - our actors, our recording engineer - for their work, and to cover our expenses.  But to do that, we’ll need your help.  

So please keep an eye out for more information - and join our mailing list if you haven’t already, because then you’ll be the first to know any news!