Kickstarter Coming Soon!

Hello everyone, we have some exciting news to share with you!  Later this month, we will be launching a Kickstarter to fund season two!

We know that it’s only a few months into season one for you, but over here in production land, we’re already working on season two.  The first draft of the script is already written, and we’re building the foundations for this production cycle.

Season one was entirely made on volunteer time and labour, and expenses were paid for out of our producers’ pockets.  We received no grants or other financial support for season one.

For season two, we would LOVE to be able to pay our production team - our actors, our recording engineer - for their work, and to cover our expenses.  But to do that, we’ll need your help.  

So please keep an eye out for more information - and join our mailing list if you haven’t already, because then you’ll be the first to know any news!