Crossover Episode with The Amelia Project!

If you’re subscribed to The Amelia Project, you might hear a familiar voice in “Percy, Part 2” that just landed in your podcast app!


If you’re not yet subscribed, The Amelia Project is a secret organisation offering a very special service: Faking its clients' deaths! Its eccentric clientele includes cult leaders, criminals and politicians all desperate to disappear and start over... but, how long can the secrecy last?

This episode was made as part of World Audio Drama Day, and as The Amelia Project is one of our favourite shows, it was really exciting to be able to be involved.  A big thank you to Øystein and Pip for including us in their show.

Thanks to the amazing Anders Pedersen for the graphic - the Amelia Project has never looked so cuddly!!

Episode 51 Now Available!

Check your podcatchers!  Episode 51 is now available.  You can also listen direct via our website, or with captions over on YouTube!

While nothing bad "happens" in this episode, and while there is a good and warm ending, it is a little bit real with the experience of PTSD, so please be careful as you listen.

(New to the series?  Here's some easy links:

Changing the Way we Think About Audio Accessibility

Erin was one of three producers interviewed for this piece on ArtsHub by Sabine Brix about d/Deaf and hard of hearing accessibility in podcasts.  

It’s a fantastic piece also featuring the always wonderful Eleanor McDowall of Radio Atlas, and Andrew Westle of Delving into Dance, and we highly recommend checking it out, which you can do by clicking here.