Season 2 Premiere Party!

Do you want to hear season two before anyone else?

We're throwing a season two PREMIERE PARTY on 16 September 2018!!

Come along to the Backlot Studios in Southbank and celebrate with the cast and crew!  Grab some snacks from the candy bar, get comfy in those nice leather seats, and hear the first six episodes of season two with open captions!

Tickets available here!

We're Coming to Audiocraft!

Producers Erin and Lee will be presenting at the AudiocraftConference, on 2 June 2018!  

They’ll be discussing how they make Love and Luck, and are hoping to inspire a few more Aussies to dip their toes into audio drama!

It’s set to be an amazing conference, with a lot of brilliant leaders in the audio industry from all around the world!

Buy tickets here.


We're so close!  We're only one week away from going live with our first three episodes!

We are having a HUGE virtual launch party on all our social media platforms on the 19th of September, and we hope you come along!

We're doing TWO launch day live streams where you can chat with the producers (and main actors) Erin and Lee.  

The first will be at 4pm AEST on Instagram Live, where you can meet our cats as well as chat with us about Love and Luck, so make sure you're following us on Instagram so you don't miss that!  The second will be at 7pm AEST on our Facebook page, where we'll talk a little about the history of Love and Luck and the process of making it, as well as taking your questions of course!

We're also going to be doing some GIVEAWAYS!!  We're doing giveaways on ALL our social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, so make sure you're following us everywhere to increase your chances of getting cool freebies!

What kind of freebies?  I'm glad you asked!!  

ZINES AND PINS!  By our cover artist Sophia Parsons Cope, we have:

KINDLE EBOOKS!  By our editor Mary Borsellino, we have 

  • 2 ebook copies of The Wolf House Complete Series, a young adult series of novels about teen misfits and vampires
  • 1 ebook copy of Thrive, a young adult novel about surviving the aftermath of the apocalypse.

GIFT VOUCHERS!  We also have 2 $20 gift vouchers for Hares and Hyenas!!

So much swag!  Keep your eye on us to find out how to enter!  :)

We're also going to be online throughout the day to chat with you about the podcast both before and after, and we can't wait to hear how you feel about it!

Only a week to go!  We're so excited and we hope you are too!

Love and Luck’s Launch Date & Preview Session

LAUNCH NEWS!  We’ve got two exciting launch things to tell you about, so let’s get into it!

First: the Love and Luck Podcast will go live online at approximately 8pm AEST (UTC+10) September 19, 2017!  We’ll be launching with the first three episodes of the season, so you can get a good feel for us from the start!

The second: we are having a SPECIAL PREVIEW SESSION as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival!

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