Hello everyone!  Production on season two is about to start, and we have some new characters that need voices!

We are a queer production of queer content, and we’d like to respectfully ask any straight allies to refrain from auditioning.  Send a link to this call out along to your queer friends instead!

We would like to strongly encourage people of colour to audition.  We would also like to encourage disabled people to audition - the building and recording studio we use is fully accessible.

You do not need voice acting experience to audition!  Nor do you need to have a certain 'accent' of any type - if you are a queer person living in Australia, that's all you need to be.

To audition for a part (or multiple parts - which you are welcome to do!) record your audition and send it as a .mp3, .wav or .ogg file to with the subject line “audition”.  Let us know which part(s) you're auditioning for, and feel free to tell us a little about yourself in your email!  

Don’t worry if you don’t have a good microphone - we’ll be listening to your voice, not the quality of your mic.  Record it on your phone if you like! We’ll be recording the real deal in a studio anyway, so your audition audio quality does not matter at all.

Speaking of which, we will be recording the dialogue for the show at the Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, at 251 Faraday St, in Carlton, Melbourne.  You will need to be able to travel there for the recording session(s), the dates of which are not yet booked - but will take place most likely on Sunday afternoons, in April, May, or June 2018, with the option for pickups to fix stuff if needed in July.  

While it may be possible to work with actors travelling from interstate, we’d vastly prefer actors who reside in Melbourne, or regional Victoria.

Rehearsals will be had either in person, or over Skype or Discord.

Auditions close 1 March 2018. You should hear back by 10 March about whether or not your audition was successful.

Please note that the audition lines are NOT the actual dialogue from the real script.  We’re keeping those under wraps for now so as to not spoil anything.  Rest assured, if you’re chosen, you will get to read the real dialogue before you commit.  

Read on for the characters and their audition lines!  


Ricardo is a queer, asexual, cis man.  He is aged somewhere between 20 and 45.  He’s a very logical person, who likes to learn things and puzzle things out.  He loves animals very much.  He’s a very thoughtful person, and very emotionally sensitive.   

Ricardo also has PTSD.  He deals with it throughout the season.  Because of this, Ricardo’s actor will need to have a very strong emotional range, and be able to portray him with sensitivity.

We are looking for a sweet, gentle voice for Ricardo.  

Ricardo is a major character in season two.  He has quite a large part.  Ricardo’s actor will be paid $150 for the role. 

Ricardo’s role is only open to people of colour who are comfortable portraying a cis man.

Ricardo is an important character in the future of the show, and anyone auditioning for Ricardo’s part must be willing to come back to the role again in future seasons.

Ricardo’s audition lines:

(happily, sweetly)  “Thank you for the card.  I know you thought it was cheesy, but honestly, it really meant a lot to me.”

(thoughtful, certain)  “I have a theory, or at least the beginnings of one.  I need to do a little more research, but I think we can find what we need just by asking the right questions.”

(upset, tearful)  “I don’t know where to go from here!  There’s no clear path, and I don’t want to have to do the work of forging my own.  I’m tired!  I’m tired of doing all the work, I just want to rest for while, while someone else does the hard work.”


Julie is a queer, bisexual cis woman.  She is aged 38.  She is a vibrant, warm person, who easily makes other people smile and laughs easily herself. Even when she is struggling or feeling down, she is determined to push through.  She is fiercely protective of people she cares about.

We are looking for a warm, bubbly, and expressive voice for Julie.  Her actor will need a strong emotional range, able to handle both light and heavy lines with equal charisma.

Julie is a major character in season two, and has the most lines of any other characters outside the principal protagonists.  Julie’s actor will be paid $200 for the role.

Julie’s role is open to women (trans or cis).

It is STRONGLY preferred if Julie’s actor is willing to return to the role in future seasons.

Julie’s audition lines:

(surprised, joyful) “I can’t believe you remembered!  I’ve wanted one of these since I was a little girl!  I can’t even--gosh, thank you so much.”

(wistful, resigned)  “I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye in person.  You know how much you mean to me, if I could have seen you before I left, I would have made it happen.  But sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them to.  And that sucks, but… that’s how it is.”


JS’s name is not yet decided, hence the code initials. 

JS is a cis woman.  She is aged somewhere between 25 and 35.  She lives in Wangaratta with her male partner.  JS is a very forthright person, albeit not always a decisive one, who wears her emotions openly.

We are looking for a casual, down to earth voice for JS.

JS’s role is open to anyone comfortable portraying a cis woman.   JS’s actor will be paid $100 for the role.

JS is likely to return in future seasons, and so anyone auditioning for JS’s part should be willing to return as well.

JS’s audition lines:

(firmly)  “Listen, I know what I said before, but I was wrong.  So just… go do whatever it is you need to do, and then get back to me.  Okay?”

(regretfully)  “I wish I’d handled it better.  I wish for a lot of things, I guess.  But there’s not much I can do about it now.  So I’ll just… keep trying.”


Michael is a queer cis man.  He is aged somewhere between 20 and 50.  He is a very gentle person, with a great talent for art (specifically painting), and gardening.

We are looking for a rich, tender voice for Michael.

Michael’s role is open to any person of colour comfortable portraying a cis man.  Michael’s actor will be paid $100 for the role.

Michael is flexible in terms of return - his actor does not need to return to the role in future seasons, but would be very welcome and encouraged to do so.

Michael’s audition lines:  

(happy, relieved) “It came through!  I’m so glad!  I was a little worried about it, to be honest.”

(thoughtfully, introspectively)  “There’s something comforting about routine.  You know exactly how to do things, what order to do them in, and why they need to be done.  It takes a lot of the guesswork out of it.”


Priya only has a single line in the season, and her actor will be paid $20 for the role.

Priya is a queer woman, aged somewhere between 50 and 70.  

Priya’s role is only open to people of colour who are comfortable portraying a woman.

Priya’s role is flexible in terms of return - her actor does not need to return to the role in future seasons, but would be welcome to do so.

Priya’s audition line:  

(leaving a voicemail message)  “Hello, I’m looking for someone named Erica?  I have something of hers that I need to return. Call me back sometime if you can.”