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Media Release, February 2018

Australia’s First LGBT Audio Drama Podcast, Love and Luck, Launches Season 2 Kickstarter

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Melbourne, Australia, 2 February 2018 -- The Love and Luck Podcast is happy to announce the launch of it’s Season 2 Kickstarter, following their critically acclaimed debut season.

Love and Luck is a sweet, happy queer love story with a touch of magic, told via voicemails. An audio drama podcast for people who like healthy relationships and happy endings, Love and Luck releases short episodes weekly on Tuesdays.  Set and produced in Melbourne, Australia, by an all queer production team,  the show includes many real life queer people, places and events alongside its fictional counterparts.  

Love and Luck’s episodes have been enjoyed over 12,000 times, with a large international and domestic following, critical praise, and a perfect 5-star review rating on iTunes. With season one currently airing, the production team is turning to Kickstarter to fund season two.

“Season one was made entirely on volunteer labour, and its costs were paid for out of our own pockets.  For season two, we want to pay our team for their work, but we also want to keep Love and Luck a free and non-commercial podcast for our listeners.  Kickstarter was an obvious solution.” -- Erin Kyan, Love and Luck writer & producer. 

The Love and Luck Kickstarter is running throughout February 2018, and can be found via their website. Rewards available for backers include voicemails from the characters, live streams with the production team, naming characters in Season 2, or even making a cameo appearance in the show itself.

“It's such a thrill to be a part of a piece of art as innovative, soul nourishing and original as this.” --DL Turnbull, Love and Luck voice actor.

“If you, like me, have been searching for media that has made a firm stance on being a kind queer story made for and by kind queer people, you can do no better than Love and Luck.” --Wil Williams, Podcast Problems

“I firmly believe that positive art can bring positive change.  It is my hope that Love and Luck makes the world a better place, whether that’s by modelling healthy relationships, or even just by cheering someone up after a bad day.”  --Erin Kyan, Love and Luck writer & producer.

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